september 4 - 6 2020


Campfire Stories

Campfire Stories is a retreat set in the Dutch countryside that welcomes storytellers, changemakers, creative doers and outdoor lovers from all over to come share in a weekend full of inspiration. The weekend will be centred around immersive workshops, inspiring talks, honest food cooked over fire, and time spent in nature. Come join us for the fourth edition, from Friday September 4th – Sunday September 6th 2020.


A weekend in nature with simmering pans over open fires, inspiring experiences and great conversations. This is Campfire Stories.

Today, the pace of life moves so fast that it often leaves little time for us to appreciate the simple things and take stock of what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. Campfire Stories is an antidote to our modern lives. It offers a weekend away from the hustle and bustle and daily stresses, and welcomes you into nature, where your mind can quieten and your body can recalibrate. The aim of the weekend is for you to leave feeling energised, inspired, and better connected to nature, yourself, and others. How we do this is by spending a weekend outdoors where we gather an exciting mix of storytellers, change-makers, creative doers and thinkers to share their stories and skills with you and offer memorable experiences with a lasting impact. 

Workshops and talks will run throughout the weekend, and you will choose which you partake in – there will be multiple running at a time. But remember, the weekend is your own – you decide your schedule, whether that’s a lazy morning exploring the food forest of Roggebotstaete followed by a coffee by the fire, or starting the day with a yoga session or taking part in our ice bath workshop. All meals are taken care of and included in the weekend, so expect to feel nourished in your mind and body.


For doers, changemakers and those who love the outdoors

Our values

At the core of Campfire Stories is the desire to create positive change. From the outset, our intention has been to show people how beautiful the world is and to reconnect them with nature, themselves and one another in a way that’s fun. We designed the weekend as an ode to the simple life, with every aspect of the event considered in terms of sustainability and social and environmental impact. To us, details matter. They make a big difference when creating an experience. Every element – from site location and catering, to line-up and hosting style – has been crafted to create a unique, inspiring and thought-provoking experience – from the nutritious food made with the best local ingredients to the organic wines, from the smell of fresh herbs in the kitchen to the “Help crew” on the campsite to assist guests with setting up their tents.

Time in nature. Honest food. Immersive workshops. Inspiring talks. Memories made by the campfire.

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“We haven’t attended another festival or event where there has been such a high level of congruence between the practical execution and the values the event is promoting.”


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