What is Campfire Stories

Time in nature. Honest food. Immersive workshops. Inspiring talks. Memories made by the campfire.

Campfire Stories is a micro-festival (only 100 tickets available) set in the Dutch countryside that welcomes storytellers, change-makers, creative doers and outdoor lovers from all over to come and share in a weekend full of inspiration. The weekend will be centred around immersive workshops, inspiring talks, honest food cooked over fire, and time spent in nature. Come join us for the fourth edition, from Friday September 4th – Sunday September 6th.


Workshops & Talks

Campfire Stories offers an eclectic mix of talks and workshops throughout each day. We’ve gathered a diverse bunch of passionate storytellers, change-makers, doers and thinkers – people who have carved their own path in life – who will challenge you to think in new ways, learn new skills, step outside your comfort zone, reconnect to nature, and reconnect with yourself.

We ask our storytellers to give talks they’ve never done before, to be vulnerable and open up in an intimate setting – no slides, no movies, just a story or skill. Expect to hear stories from the heart, including all the highs and lows – tales of passion, resilience and compassion. From hearing their stories and exploring new skills and ways of thinking, we hope you will leave the weekend feeling energised and inspired.   

Expect workshops and talks on spoon carving, botanical foraging, bread making, fire starting, ice bathing, storytelling, ukulele strumming, Haka stomping, conscious living, happiness and kindness, adventures with purpose, tiny house dwelling, sustainable design, morning yoga, stargazing and more.



In nature, we come alive. Our senses heighten, our gaze widens, our breathe deepens as fresh air fills our lungs. We slow down and find calm in the outdoors. Our busy minds quieten and we make space for curiosity and creativity – many great ideas were born from time spent in nature. 

Campfire Stories is held at Roggebotstaete, a young nature reserve and experimental garden in the Flevoland polder – it is an oasis in the reclaimed land taken from the sea. Roggebotstaete connects people to nature, with edible nature at its centre. There they believe if you are connected with nature you can make choices that are healthier for you and the earth. Roggebotstaete invites you to stroll in the woodlands, through the flower fields and along the lakes and discover how people and nature can bring the best out of each other. 

The camp is intentionally back-to-basics. For some, this may push you outside your comfort zone, but after that first night out in your tent, everyone becomes the same. It removes all barriers, and nature becomes a real leveller. The hot water for the showers is heated over fire, and you will experience lathering up and rinsing off amongst the trees. You will spent all of your weekend outdoors or under canvas, most likely near to one of the many fires that will continue to burn for the duration of your time with us. 



All cooked meals are prepared over fire. All our food and drink has a story. 

Food is an extremely important part of Campfire Stories, expertly prepared by our outdoor chef. Most meals will be vegetarian, centred around the fresh and organic vegetables grown either in Roggebotstaete’s vegetable garden or by local farmers. The meat we do use also comes from Roggebotstaete; this may be lamb tended to by the on-site shepherd or bacon from the pigs that vermiculate the woods of Roggebotstaete. All ingredients will be Dutch in an effort to reduce our footprint. 

We work with companies with great values and just as good beverages to make sure you don’t go thirsty. The wines are carefully selected by our wine expert Wendy, who picks the most amazing bio-dynamic wines, all with a great story and winemaker behind them. Our cocktail bar is manned by Maidie from Blossombar, who forages botanicals to craft floral syrups and yield delicious flavours.  

To find out more information about food and drink at Campfire Stories please visit our Info page


Memories made by the campfire

Throughout our history, fire has been elemental to us humans. We cook over it, stay warm by it, tell stories around it. Yet we often forget this. Not at Campfire Stories though. Here, the fires are always burning and are an essential part of the weekend. 

As well as preparing all our meals over them, the campfires are a natural meeting place for new friends, where you can share stories, drinks and experiences. And no matter the weather, you will always find a dry and warm spot with a burning campfire.

With only a limited number of attendees, Campfire Stories offers an intimate setting. You can choice to be as involved as you like, but don’t be surprised if you leave with a number of new friends. People bond over shared experience and the glowing light of the campfire. 

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I had an amazing weekend, made new friends, enjoyed the food and the beers. I woke up early to jump into an ice bath! And closed the bar at night. Count me in for next year!”



Meet the founder


Hi, I’m Selfa. I love spending time in nature, pushing the boundaries of what I feel comfortable with, and exploring new ideas and skills. I find that these experiences make me feel alive; they deepen my connection with the world around me; they heighten my curiosity; and they enable me to see this planet for the beautiful place it is. But I’ve always struggled to put into words the positive impacts these experiences have on me so I may inspire others to get up and get out too.  

One thing I can do, though, is organise events. So I figured, what if I gathered a bunch of amazing people and held a weekend-long event where they could tell their stories and become the fire-starters for change in others. My intention was to create an environment that encouraged the exchange of ideas, sharing of skills, and positive outlooks. And that’s exactly what I did. I invited doers, changemakers, the ones who carve their own path, the ones who connect with nature and other people. They remind us of what’s possible, light up our imaginations, and fire up passion, inspiration and the willingness to create and change.

Now that we are in our third edition, I have seen what Campfire Stories can mean in people’s lives. A chance for relaxation. A place for people to feel connected to others. A place where everybody creates there own meaningful journey through talks and activities around the campfires. An experience that leads to cherished memories that can create lasting changes in people's lives. Come join in the fun! 


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