What people say about Campfire Stories

Campfire Stories is a truly special event. Every element – from site location and catering to line-up and hosting style – has been carefully considered to create a completely unique, inspiring and thought-provoking experience for all who attend. The festival programme is skillfully curated to inspire, challenge, encourage and nurture, while the festival site was designed to offer enough beauty and comfort to help people relax, whilst also providing an authentic outdoor experience. We haven’t attended another festival or event where there has been such a high level of congruence between the practical execution and the values the event is promoting. Case-in-point examples for us were the biodynamic milk at the tea station, and the biodegradable shampoo at the outdoor showers – Selfa and her team go above and beyond to gently promote environmental awareness through their high-level of care and attention to all the details. If you are looking for a unique and beautifully curated festival experience that will help you connect to yourself, nature and the world around you in a meaningful way – then look no further, head to Campfire Stories.
— Elle & Rupert | storyteller

After driving through the emptiness of “De Polder” I arrived. Feeling a bit out of my comfort zone as I never pitched a tent before ever! Luckily there was help at the camping field ;-) I had an amazing weekend, made new friends, enjoyed the food and the beers. I woke up early to jump into an ice bath! And closed the bar at night. Count me in for next year!
— Eric | attendee

Een weekend waar ik volledig ben bijgekomen, door dingen te doen waar normaal geen tijd voor is, lummelen, Ukelele spelen, heerlijk eten, in de verte staren, kamperen en natuurlijk yoga les geven. En waarom zouden we dit niet vaker doen? Ik ben blij dat ik dit jaar weer zo’n weekend in het vooruitzicht heb.
— Janneke | attendee