Tricks & Tips 

Camping in nature is wonderful, and here’s a few tricks and tips to make it all the more comfortable.


Tips from Stef Roberts


Tips from Ester Brokke

It took a while before I enjoyed camping. I've always had a preference for comfort and that wasn't there when I thought about camping.

But one day I was persuaded to make a long trek through the wilderness of Sweden untrained. I can be short. In terms of comfort, it was a hell journey!

My shoes were too tight and my toes protested at every step. My muscles were overloaded by 18 kilos of backpack and the big boulders on the paths. As a result of these physical tests, I had convulsions in my muscles all night. My body needed all the rest to restore it could use but in the night there was a wet cold that enclosed everything. I had it ice cold! And when I finally fell asleep I woke up too early from the long low light so just above the polar circle. It exhausted me extra.

Why does a person do this to himself?

I can also be brief about this: It was one of the best experiences of my life!

The beautiful untouchedness of the mountains that we traveled through. The crazy vistas with the play of clouds and sun rays. The surprises that the valleys had in store for us. The polar marmots and moose who came curiously to check who entered their territory. The soothing warmth of the wood-fired sauna huts and the ice-cold river water that we jumped into. The company of fellow tractors. It was a huge adventure. And all nighttime inconveniences were found to resolve during later expeditions.

These days I prefer to sleep in my little tent on my airbed than in a real hotel bed.

The fresh air. The rustling of the wind through the branches and when it rains, the drops tick nicely on the tent cloth. Happiness comes to me spontaneously safely between my clean crispy sheets.

Here I want to share a few tips that help me get through the night comfortably, warmly and dry ...

Tip 1:

ground sheet I do not use this. I don't like those puddles of water that stay on the groundsheet when it rains. Use two layers of carrot cloth instead. That is also light in weight. The water does not stop and you can clean the place if you want.