Yeliz Mert


DIY Personal care products

A workshop about how to live waste free. It is well possible to make your own personal care products with natural raw ingredients at home and go waste free. In a DIY personal care workshop, we will search the footsteps of a sustainable and nature-driven lifestyle by making our own health and personal care products.

We will open up a conversation to collectively visit topics like living waste free, our consumption behaviour, understanding nature's offerings, taking our health matters into our own hands, DIY artistry and empowerment that comes from meeting our own needs. Following the conversation we will dive into DIY natural personal care and will make 3 nourishing products (deodorant, lip balm, body scrub) to take home with you.

This workshop is hosted by Yeliz Mert from Yummie Life Naturals, an Amsterdam based natural personal care business. Their core mission is making sustainable and nature-driven lifestyle accessible for everyone. This is why they care about sharing information and methods in a do-it-yourself way, where participants learn how to address some of their everyday needs themselves.


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