Lennard Duijvestijn


Tour D’Estate Roggebotstaete

⁠A great way to start your Campfire Stories weekend is with a tour of the estate Roggebotstaete, a young nature reserve and experimental garden in the Flevoland polder – it is an oasis in the reclaimed land taken from the sea. Roggebotstaete connects people to nature, with edible nature at its centre. Here they believe if you are connected with nature you can make choices that are healthier for you and the earth.⁠⁠

This won't be your average tour!⁠ Lennard, the landlord of Roggebotstaete will start with a campfire chat sharing his special life story and how he ended up at Roggebotstaete. He will share his dreams and plans for the estate and offcourse he will take you on a tour along all the special places of the 52 acre estate.

Trust us, you really don't want to miss this! ⁠


More information:

Wanna know more about Roggebotstaete: www.roggebotstaete.nl

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