Joren de Bruin


Reclaim your own power

Joren de Bruin is an adventurer, motivator, nature lover and passionate teacher of expanding awareness through natures elements.

He is dedicated to helping people reclaim their own power when it comes to health, leading a life of purpose and in reshaping the human relationship with the natural world.

In the past 7 years he has touched the hearts, minds and souls of thousands of people worldwide who have attended his workshops, trainings and expeditions with his unique way of teaching how to live a life from a place of love, of integrity and in connection with the heart.

Joren embarked on a journey inwards and in search for self-healing tools after being severely injured in his lower back in 2011. Being offered no solutions from conventional medicine, life brought him in touch with extreme cold adventurer Wim Hof and after training with him personally in his techniques he successfully overcame his debilitating condition. Passionate for natural healing he went on exploring the world of breath awareness, the power of the mind and nature connection which led him to discovering the art of Earth Living skills. He subsequently trained in wilderness living and awareness practices as passed on by indigenous cultures in the forests of Eastern USA and the Caribbean Virgin islands.

Joren combines his passion for self-healing and nature immersion to teach natural techniques and ways of living that reshape the relation with our inner and outer world and deeply impact the way we perceive health and sustainability.

During this workshop you can expect transformation on a deep physical, mental, emotional and soul level.

Through dynamic meditation, self-awareness and breathing techniques, combined with the power of natures elements, you will go far beyond your comfortzone and learn how to consciously rebalance and transform your emotions, calm your mind and turn stress and negativity into energy that you can use for self-healing and self-development.


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