Jody Daunton


Visual Storytelling

Jody Daunton is the co-founder and creative director of Another Escape as well as a freelance photographer specialising in environmental portraiture, travel and lifestyle photography.

Another Escape is a lifestyle journal for those who love the outdoors, telling stories of passionate people inspired by nature.

At Campfire Stories, Jody will be running a workshop that focusses on the art of visual storytelling through photography. You can expect a hands-on workshop in which Jody will share his insight, guidance and creative process in developing dynamic visual narratives.

This is not a 'how to use your camera workshop’ – although, we will touch up some of the technical aspects of photography. Instead, the focus will be on the techniques and language of visual storytelling. This workshop is for anyone with an interest in photography through to experienced photographers who want to take their photographic storytelling to the next level.


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