Neel van Lierop


Trusting your gut feeling as an entrepeneur

Neel Lierop is a female entrepreneur, spiritual motivator and visionary based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. From early childhood, Neel felt the calling to hold space for others and generate a global community. Through years of stumbling, searching and self-analysing, Neel moved through many life lessons and fears to discover a deeper understanding of herself and others.

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Neel awakened to a care-free life filled with inner peace and gratitude and she began to share this energy with everyone. Her newfound knowledge of self would become the foundation for the 49 life-themes within the Inner Compass card deck. She conceptualized Inner Compass cards from a need to create a stylish and efficacious deck for the global community to use daily. As a vessel only of universal wisdom, Neel follows her own path and loves guiding people toward regaining their personal power. Inner Compass card is her great offering to the world.

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