Lottie Tork


Fermentation workshop

Hailed by some as the answer to reduce foodwaste and others as the solution to better digestion and gut health. Fermenting is an ancient process and has gained great interest in recent times because of its pro-biotic health properties.

This is a hands- on informative workshop in which you will make your own to take home afterwards.⁠⁠⁠ You will learn the difference between various preserving methods and why fermenting is different to for example pickling.

The aim of this workshop is to demystify the process of making your own supertasty raw unpasteurised kimchi or kraut. You will learn and experiment with classic flavour combos as well as your own.

In the workshop we will use everyday materials that will teach and enable you to create your very own fermenting hub at home afterwards. You will also be guided to the most recommended books and information currently available⁠

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The workshop is hosted by Liselotte (Lottie). Lottie grew up in Holland where kraut and fermented vegetables are part of everyday cuisine. Lottie has been fermenting since arriving in London some 30 years ago to alleviate her initial homesickness. In recentyears ferments were on the popular daily menu in her café in Hackney, London. At the moment she is in for an adventure as she is moving to France to life a rural life and welcome guests at her business “Margot” in the beautiful Ardeche.

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