Barbara van Lodensteijn


Build a future proof vision driven company

Barbara is seeing many entrepreneurs who have a wonderful mission to change the world, but most of them lacking sufficient knowledge to build a business that will last.

And she is not talking about a lack of knowledge in marketing and sales (this is where her job finishes), she is talking about the internal body of the company, the infrastructure of your business! Without it your purpose won’t prevail. Barbara; See it as the foundation of your house, as the wires behind your walls, pretty important...So how come most entrepreneurs ignore it, is it too boring, too difficult?

Well let me promise you, it's not!

Actually, it is one of the most exciting things you can work on: preserve your unique core while stimulating your business. Not to mention how much waste of means, information and energy you prevent while working on it on a daily basis!

This workshop is meant for everyone who wants to translate their mission into strong business operations. If you are truly ready to strengthen your inner core and shake off the issues of yesterday so you can truly manage a sustainable company (regardless of your services), than get yourself a seat in this workshop on Friday 30 th of august (3 hours).

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