Arjen van Eijk


Do what you can’t


There are always more reasons nót to undertake adventures or start new businesses, but it only takes one good reason to pursue a dream, ambition or passion to make it worthwile.

Arjen van Eijk sailed around the world for two years with only 8 weeks of sailing experience. Together with close friend Florian they collaborated with different NGO’s to visit ocean related projects around the globe.

From Sea Shepherds’ anti sharkfinning project on Galapogos and Whale Research on the Cook Islands, to MSC certified tuna fisheries on the Maldives.

During the trip Arjen (re)discovered the love for filmmaking he had as a teenager. Without any form of filmeducation they managed to produce an 8 part tv-documentary of their endeavours.

Arjen now owns a small video production company, creating online branded content, documentaries and corporate communication for a wide range of clients.

Arjen’s story is about getting off your ass and doing the work. The only way to create a life full of friends from new places, unexpected collaborations, and crazy adventures.


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