Jody Daunton

Visual Storytelling

Jody will be running a workshop that focusses on the art of visual storytelling through photography. You can expect a hands-on workshop in which Jody will share his insight, guidance and creative process in developing dynamic visual narratives. This workshop is for anyone with an interest in photography through to experienced photographers who want to take their photographic storytelling to the next level.

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Joren de Bruin

Reclaim Your Power

During this workshop you can expect transformation on a deep physical, mental, emotional and soul level.Through dynamic meditation, self-awareness and breathing techniques, combined with the power of natures elements, you will go far beyond your comfortzone and learn how to consciously re-balance and transform your emotions, calm your mind and turn stress and negativity into energy that you can use for self-healing and self-development.

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Get Uked!

Ukelele workshop

In her everyday life Liselotte is a yoga instructor and Barbara is a writer/ creative director. They met each other in the summer of 2015 and started playing the ukulele together and didn’t stop ever since. For them the ukulele was a true discovery; we love its sound, its versatility, its looks and its simplicity. It’s a real instrument that’s real easy to play. They were so called uked; hooked on the ukulele.

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Arjen van Eijk

Do what you can’t

There are always more reasons nót to undertake adventures or start new businesses, but it only takes one good reason to pursue a dream, ambition or passion to make it worthwile.

Arjen van Eijk sailed around the world for two years with only 8 weeks of sailing experience. Together with close friend Florian they collaborated with different NGO’s to visit ocean related projects around the globe.

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TalkSelfa VerlaatFirst
Neel van Lierop

Trusting your gut feeling as an entrepeneur

Neel Lierop is a female entrepreneur, spiritual motivator and visionary based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. From early childhood, Neel felt the calling to hold space for others and generate a global community. Through years of stumbling, searching and self-analysing, Neel moved through many life lessons and fear to discover a deeper understanding of herself and others.

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TalkSelfa VerlaatFirst
Lennard Duijvestijn

Tour D’Estate Roggebotstaete

This won't be your average tour!⁠ Lennard, the landlord of Roggebotstaete will start with a campfire chat sharing his special life story and how he ended up at Roggebotstaete. He will share his dreams and plans for the estate and offcourse he will take you on a tour along all the special places of the 52 acre estate.

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Talk, TourSelfa VerlaatFirst
Jaz O’Hara

Saving Lives through Social Media

Jaz O'Hara is the founder of The Worldwide Tribe, an organisation and online community raising awareness about the refugee crisis, as well as supporting those caught up in it.

The Worldwide Tribe began after a Facebook post Jaz wrote about her first trip to the Calais Jungle (in July 2015) went viral. Since then, Jaz has worked tirelessly in camps across Europe and the Middle East to tell the stories that otherwise go unheard.

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Talk, WorkshopSelfa VerlaatFirst
Miscellaneous Adventures

Woodcarving workshop

Miscellaneous Adventures is Andrew Groves and Emma Hughes. They make goods, create imagery and teach workshops inspired by a life lived outdoors. In 2011 they moved into a small barn in the woods, accidentally discovering a more meaningful life, reconnecting with nature and working with their hands.

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Lottie Tork

Fermentation workshop

Hailed by some as the answer to reduce foodwaste and others as the solution to better digestion and gut health. Fermenting is an ancient process and has gained great interest in recent times because of its pro-biotic health properties.

This is a hands- on informative workshop by the amazing Lottie in which you will make your own to take home afterwards.⁠⁠⁠

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Kjeld & Linde

Life in Tiny House LinKje

Kjeld & Linde build and designed their own Tiny House called LinKje. The live on Roggebotstaete.Here they want to inspire and inform people about living in a Tiny House and they also work as caretakers for the estate. Last april their son Sim was born making him the youngest Tiny house resident of the Netherlands!

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Talk, TourSelfa VerlaatFirst
Maidie van den Bos

Foraging Workshop

Maidie van den Bos is a Rotterdam based entrepreneur, botanical sommelier and sensory and spatial artist. She works with landscape and its relation to the human body. She will share her knowledge during a foraging walk and more to be announced soon…

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Barbara van Lodensteijn

How to build a vision driven and future proof company

This workshop is meant for everyone who wants to translate their mission into strong business operations. If you are truly ready to strengthen your inner core and shake off the issues of yesterday so you can truly manage a sustainable company than get yourself a seat in this workshop.

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Robert Bouman

HAKA Workshop

At Campfire Stories Robert will share the interesting life story of Robert Bouman on how he got taught the Haka from a Maori family and received permission to share their culture with other people. To us this is the perfect example of how we are all connected, no matter where you are born you can share each others cultures and keep them alive.

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Joep Luycx

Creative writing

Find out there’s only one person who looks at the world the way you do. You. Master three crackling-effective techniques to find out what you want. What you have to say. What you dream of. Discover how you tell your story with great ease and impact, to make a connection. A next step. Is it that simple? Yep, it’s that simple.

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NatuurlijkSportief is Dutch for being naturally extraordinary in moving. This kind of physical activity is easy to practice by anyone anywhere; all you need is a piece of nature and your best mood. There are no rules, no limits, no restrictions, no fixed exercises. All you have to do is go outside and run; if you see a tree, climb it; when you come across a stone, throw it; and when the weather is nice, jump into the first river you find and swim to the other side.

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Film screening

ARTIFISHAL is a documentary about the devastating cost of hatcheries, fish farms and human arrogance.
As passionate anglers and concerned residents of our home planet, we view hatcheries and fish farms as part of a disturbing trend: The willful ignorance of scientific fact for political expediency.

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Nico Kruis


Another perfect start of the day are our yoga classes.

This year we have Nico as our yoga teacher. He runs his own yoga school in Castricum and loves spending time in the outdoors.

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Yeliz Mert

DIY Personal care products

A workshop about how to live waste free. Learn how to make to make your own personal care products with natural raw ingredients at home and go waste free. You will make 3 products (deodorant, lip balm, body scrub) to take home with you.

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