Miscellaneous Adventures

Woodcarving workshop

Miscellaneous Adventures is Andrew Groves and Emma Hughes. They make goods, create imagery and teach workshops inspired by a life lived outdoors. In 2011 they moved into a small barn in the woods, accidentally discovering a more meaningful life, reconnecting with nature and working with their hands.

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Jaz O’Hara

Talk & Workshop Saving Lives through Social Media

Jaz O'Hara is the founder of The Worldwide Tribe, an organisation and online community raising awareness about the refugee crisis, as well as supporting those caught up in it.

The Worldwide Tribe began after a Facebook post Jaz wrote about her first trip to the Calais Jungle (in July 2015) went viral. Since then, Jaz has worked tirelessly in camps across Europe and the Middle East to tell the stories that otherwise go unheard.

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TalkSelfa VerlaatFirst
Robert Bouman

HAKA Workshop

At Campfire Stories Robert will share the interesting life story of Robert Bouman on how he got taught the Haka from a Maori family and received permission to share their culture with other people. To us this is the perfect example of how we are all connected, no matter where you are born you can share each others cultures and keep them alive.

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