Past speakers & workshop leaders


Jitkse Kramer
2018 - Power of Love and inclusion

She travels the world to learn form different organizations, tribes and cultures. Jitske is dedicated to cracking the code to strong cultures and powerful leadership, while teaching and championing inclusive decision-making processes. It is her desire to fix human fragmentation by (re)connecting people through their differences. She seeks to build strong tribes, safe for diversity and ready for change. No challenge is entirely new. In 60,000 years of human existence, nearly every problem we face in modern days has already been seen…and solved. We just have to figure out how to apply that age-old tribal wisdom to our current circumstances.


Stef Roberts
2018 - Finding home in nature

On the 1st of May 2014 Stef Roberts moved out of his house, got rid of a lot of his possessions and started what has become a ‘nomadic lifestyle experiment’. During the day he runs his own digital animation company, but every night he heads to the woods to sleep between two trees in his hammock. A deep love and respect of nature and people is at the heart of what Stef does; he doesn’t claim any land as his own and rarely ever sleeps in the same place twice.

Stef shared his amazing story of sleeping in the forest for the past 4 years and how being closer to nature has profoundly shaped the way he sees everything.


Living Alive
2018 - The “Awe” effect

As we human beings spend more and more time online, indoors and in cities, Elle and Rupert believe that taking the time to look at both life and work from this wider perspective can have a profound effect on the choices we make and be a power-for-good in the world. Their talk explored the bigger picture of where we are in the Universe and this amazing planet that we are a part of. Using simple astronomy and ‘stargazing’ they created a perspective-shifting glimpse of the awe-inspiring “overview effect”, shared scientific research into the personal wellbeing, social and environmental benefits of making more space for awe and wonder in our modern lives and offer ideas about how we can cultivate more of it.